Career Alignment Coaching


This custom 90-minute video coaching session is tailored to address your specific career goals. Your coaching call will include an evaluation of your strengths, guidance on areas that you’d like to improve on, industry and market insights, and a tangible action plan on how you can achieve your desired career goals.


Do you feel ‘stuck’ with your job?

Are you interested in exploring a new career path, but not sure where to start?

Are you unsure about how to promote yourself and tell your story in interviews?

Do you feel anxiety and stress around your job search?

It’s possible to solve these problems and more with the help of career alignment coaching.

In this customized 90-minute video coaching session, your coach can guide you through the following and more:

  • Discover your passions.
  • Understand your value to organizations and what roles will be a natural fit for your strengths and interests.
  • Learn how to transition to another career.
  • Learn how to own and tell your career story.
  • Learn how to network effectively
  • Learn how to become more marketable for your desired role
  • Learn about market compensation and how to make MORE money for your skills
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Discuss job search strategy.
    And more!

Your dream career is waiting. Take the leap and book today!